Posted: 04.01.2023 13:52:00

Bundestag deputy comments on Warsaw’s demands for reparations

It is not Poland that needs reparations, but its overseas leaders, who – through the hands of Warsaw – are trying to put pressure on Germany and force it to help Ukraine more actively by demanding such payments – as noted by Bundestag deputy Eugen Schmidt


Recently Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister, the government’s authorised representative for reparations Arkadiusz Mularczyk, said that Warsaw called on the UN to contribute to the issue of obtaining war reparations from Germany. Earlier, Poland addressed UNESCO and the Council of Europe with the same request.

“This is a rather populist statement; Poland has no real grounds for receiving this kind of payment. In my opinion, this is just a way of putting pressure on Germany. Because the Federal Republic of Germany, despite its belligerent attacks and verbal assistance to Ukraine, rather sluggishly supports the conflict in terms of the supply of military equipment,” Eugen Schmidt noted.

According to the Bundestag deputy, at present Germany simply has nothing to offer Ukraine.

“But, apparently, in overseas circles there is an opinion that Germany in this regard is not so zealously implementing the decree to support the conflict, and therefore they use Poland as a way of putting pressure on the German leadership,” the Bundestag deputy noted.