Posted: 14.01.2022 10:25:00

BUCE’s new broker in China to import Belarusian agricultural produce

Zhejiang Pinke Textile Co., Ltd – a new broker of the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE) in China – plans to start its work by attracting buyers of agricultural produce to the exchange auctions

The most promising Belarusian goods for sale on the Chinese market include rapeseed oil, as well as meat and dairy goods.

According to the BUCE press service, Chinese companies already successfully purchased these goods via BUCE in 2021. The task for the current year is to make the supplies of the Belarusian agricultural goods to China regular and to increase their volumes.

“Last year may be considered landmark from the point of view of growth of exchange trade between Belarus and China. Firstly, the number of accredited Chinese companies has almost doubled. Two of them were granted the broker status and are promoting the Belarusian goods to the PRC market. Secondly, the range of goods for the bilateral trade has been expanded. Previously, the Chinese companies were interested primarily in Belarusian timber while now they buy oilseed products and sugar via the exchange while selling ferrous metal goods in Belarus. As a result, in 2021, the exchange trade between our countries has increased 3.5-fold. This was also facilitated by special trade networks – oriented towards Chinese market, as part of which goods are offered with delivery to the final buyer. Moreover, for the convenience of the Chinese participants, prices in the exchange trade system are specified in Chinese Yuans. The same currency can be used to perform payments,” noted the BUCE’s press secretary, Roman Yaniv.