Posted: 19.01.2022 15:54:00

BUCE accredited first company from India

The first company from India – Ark Packaging Solutions – specialising in production and sale of a wide range of packaging materials for industrial use – has been accredited with the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange

The Indian company plans to purchase synthetic fibre and acrylonitrile in Belarus.

“By now, more than 5,500 foreign companies are accredited with us, and residents from 70 countries work. In 2021, Lithuania, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, the UK, Slovakia and China were among the ten major markets for Belarusian goods,” the BUCE press service said.

Sawn wood, fuel pellets, rapeseed oil and sugar beet by-products were mainly sold to the European Union. The UK bought saw products, wooden poles, stakes, and wet blue leather. Milk powder, butter, cheeses and oilseed by-products were exported to Russia, while Chinese companies actively purchased lumber, rapeseed oil and sugar.

The Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange hopes to further expand the geography of its partners, noting that this will be facilitated by a growing authority of the exchange as an international trading platform.

Last year alone, BUCE accredited companies from five more countries: Brazil, Gibraltar, Pakistan, South Korea, and Japan. Joining of the Indian company has become the result of the work carried out in 2021 to attract enterprises from Southeast Asia. As reported, the exchange’s strategic task is to diversify exports of domestic products as much as possible, primarily through the countries of the far arc.