Posted: 15.05.2024 15:21:00

BRICS Games to gather 5,000+ participants in 29 sports disciplines at 18 venues

Competitions will be held in 29 disciplines at eighteen sports venues at the BRICS Games, RIA Novosti reports


As reported by Tatarstan’s Sports Minister Vladimir Leonov, the official opening ceremony of the BRICS Games will take place on June 12th, and the closing ceremony is scheduled for June 23rd. The arrivals and departures of sportsmen will last from June 10th to June 26th. It is expected that more than 5,000 participants from about 60 countries, including ten BRICS member states, will compete for a record number of awards: 380+.

Mr. Leonov clarified that competitions will be held in 29 sports at 18 venues (boxing, breaking, beach volleyball, beach handball, kayaking and canoeing, rowing, judo, karate, koresh, belt wrestling, athletics, table tennis, swimming, diving, sambo, synchronised swimming, wrestling, artistic gymnastics, tennis, wushu, fencing, basketball doubles, football doubles, rhythmic gymnastics, chess, weightlifting, badminton, equestrian sports, and acrobatic rock’n’roll).

According to the Sports Minister, a large number of countries are demonstrating their interest in the BRICS Games, despite the pressure from the international community. “On April 23rd, the first batch of tickets for the BRICS Games went on sale. We have some experience in implementing programmes, but this is the first time in my practice that there was such interest a month before the event. We also see the geography which is led by Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. We also sell tickets abroad, mostly in the CIS and neighbouring countries. Out of 100 thousand tickets, about 20,000 have already been sold," he informed.