Posted: 27.09.2021 14:53:00

Brest Fortress staff praised

Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko bestows Order of Francysk Skaryna on Brest Hero Fortress staff

Photo by Pavel Bogush

The Prime Minister read out President Lukashenko’s welcome address: ‘On June 22nd, the citadel became the first shield on the path of the Nazi army. Until now, we do not know all the names of the defenders who stepped into immortality. However, we bow our heads and thank everyone who fought for a clear sky above our heads’.

Mr. Golovchenko congratulated all employees of the memorial complex on its 50th anniversary and stressed that, in the current conditions, their work is of particular importance, “External forces are attempting to bring discord into society, rewrite history and glorify criminals. With this in view, the role of historians and museum workers is especially great: these people should convey the truth and foster love for the Motherland. This must be done for the sake of our future and the future of our children. In the Year of National Unity, all Belarusians are strongly responsible for maintenance of peace and tranquillity in our country.”