Posted: 09.12.2021 11:48:00

Biosafety in focus

As stated by Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Aleksandr Subbotin, biosafety relates not only to diseases and viruses. This problem is of wider scales.

Photo by Aleksei Matyush

While speaking at a scientific and practical conference on Belarus’ biosafety, Mr. Subbotin noted, “A draft concept of biological safety has been prepared by idea-driven professionals. As a result, we have a fairly coherent doctrine. It needs to be slightly polished and then it will be possible to outline more detailed plans for each direction.”

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the problem of biosafety is especially topical in pandemic times. “However, we must understand that it is not only associated with diseases, viruses or microbes, but has a much wider coverage. This refers to the food industry as well. Wherever we look, destruction of any segment of national stability can lead to collapse. It is not for nothing that the Security Council drew attention to this topic and took the project under its patronage. The idea is supported at the highest level, and its details remain to be determined,” he said.

In turn, Belarus’ Healthcare Minister, Dmitry Pinevich, shared his own view, “It's great that we have started developing the concept of biosafety. A biological threat is not simply a medical problem but also government-wide. It directly affects stability [of the state]. As for the healthcare sector, our country – like the whole world – is involved in the epidemic process. We are entering the era of viral diseases. The most unpleasant factor is that natural general biological processes can be inspired by medical and genetic problems and genetic [modified] products that we use.”

Mr. Pinevich added that the Belarusian healthcare system is resistant to challenges, and everyone could get convinced of this while looking at the country’s fight against coronavirus. It is now necessary to study the new Omicron strain, and this is also a matter of national importance – like other aspects.