Posted: 13.03.2023 15:26:00

Belsky: it’s necessary to impose a ban on cyberattacks on other states’ objects at international level

At the international legal level, it is necessary to introduce a ban on cyberattacks organised or sanctioned by official structures against information systems and objects of other states – as noted by Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Republic Valery Belsky at a meeting of the IPU Standing Committee on Peace and International Security on the topic of the draft resolution Cyberattacks and Cybercrime: The New Risks to Global Security, the press service of the upper house of parliament reports

“Such a ban should be comprehensive, although priority should be given to critical infrastructure. We have already witnessed the disruption of the normal functioning of transport, energy, chemical and even nuclear facilities due to hackers hacking their control systems. The possible consequences of such actions can be catastrophic,” said Valery Belsky. “It poses a threat to regional and international security and the dissemination of falsified, inaccurate or incomplete information. Synthesised audio-visual products created using AI technologies are especially dangerous. Due to their realism, they were even accepted as evidence in the investigation of illegal incidents, including at the international level. Taking into account the relevance of the topic of protecting medical institutions and medical infrastructure from cyberattacks and the increased attention to this issue by the world global community, it is advisable to consider the possibility of adopting a separate legally binding document on the prohibition of malicious information impacts (cyberattacks) against medical institutions and medical infrastructure. We call on parliaments to make the most of all their tools and join forces in the areas mentioned.”

Valery Belsky stressed that in order to increase the level of protection of the national information infrastructure from external and internal threats, a national cybersecurity system was created in Belarus by the decision of the President. “Its elements, tasks, a co-ordinating body, a list of owners of critical informatisation objects have been defined. The activity of the national system is designed to ensure the co-ordination of actions of state bodies to detect, prevent and minimise the consequences of cyberattacks on information infrastructure objects, search for potential vulnerabilities in the national segment of the Internet, analyse information about cyberattacks and cyber incidents, establishing their causes, forecasting the situation in the field of cyber security,” he added.

“At the same time, the problem of cyber fraud, the spread of which has become explosive, cannot be discounted. We are convinced that it can be solved only through the joint efforts of states using ICT, enabling to identify intruders in real time, no matter where they are in the world. We are ready to share our national practices with our colleagues in order to form a common secure information space,” Valery Belsky stated.

The Belarusian parliamentary delegation is taking part in the 146th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and related events, which is taking place on March 11th-15th in Manama (Kingdom of Bahrain).