Posted: 19.01.2023 14:09:00

BelNPP’s first power unit generated over 11bn kWh of electricity since its commissioning

The first power unit of the Belarusian nuclear power plant (BelNPP) has generated more than 11 billion kWh of electricity since the inclusion in the country’s energy system, enabling to replace about 3 billion cubic metres of natural gas – as stated by Belarus’ Energy Minister Viktor Karankevich at a panel session on energy security issues during the Voice of Global South online summit, organised by India, the Energy Ministry’s website reports


Not having large reserves of traditional types of energy resources, Belarus has relied on the use of peaceful atom and is currently completing the construction of its own nuclear power plant with two power units with a capacity of 2,400MW under the Russian AES-2006 project.

“Our country has become the first foreign site where the Rosatom State Corporation has built a nuclear power plant with pressurised water reactors of the 3+ generation that meets the highest safety requirements,” said Viktor Karankevich.

While other states are just starting to implement national nuclear programmes, Belarus has already formed its own nuclear infrastructure, with the BelNPP working for the country’s economy and bringing tangible effects.

“A nuclear power plant is a reliable, economical and environmentally friendly source of energy,” the Minister underlined. “This is not only a guarantor of Belarus’ energy security in the coming decades, but also the country’s contribution to the common cause of mitigating the effects of climate change. Due to the commissioning of the BelNPP, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by about 7 million tonnes per year.”

To meet the growing demand for electricity in the real sector of the economy and the population, Belarus pays special attention to the development of the power grid infrastructure. Every year, the country carries out work on the construction and modernisation of substations of various voltage classes, high-voltage and distribution power lines with the introduction of the latest automation and digitalisation systems.

The total length of power transmission lines in Belarus is about 280,000km, which is equivalent to seven turns around the Earth along the equator. The country has 100 percent access to electricity for the population.

Systematic work continues to involve local fuels in the country’s fuel and energy balance and develop renewable energy sources. The capacity of renewable energy installations in the country over the past nine years has increased by more than 6 times: from 93MW to 608MW in late 2022.

The peat industry is developing dynamically. Belarus is ranked 3rd in the world in terms of peat production and is placed 1st worldwide in terms of production of peat briquettes.