Posted: 25.10.2021 15:59:00

Belarusian vaccine to be effective against different strains of coronavirus

A Belarusian vaccine is ready for transfer to production and is supposed to be effective against different strains of coronavirus – as stated by the Deputy Healthcare Minister – Chief Sanitary Inspector, Aleksandr Tarasenko, in his talk to Belarus 1 TV channel

“We already have a candidate prototype of our vaccine. It was developed at the Republican Research and Practical Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology jointly with the National Academy of Sciences. We are currently at the stage of its transfer to production. It is inappropriate to talk about any risk that our inactivated vaccine will be ineffective, since we select different strains to develop it,” he said.

Mr. Tarasenko also informed that vaccination against COVID-19 in line with epidemiological indications has been included in the national vaccination calendar. “So far, people older than 18 can be vaccinated but, starting from 2022, we plan to vaccinate children 12+. This takes into account prospects for the supply of vaccines for children,” he added.

According to Mr. Tarasenko, there are now enough vaccines available to Belarusians in the country.