Posted: 05.10.2021 09:49:00

Belarusian Republican Youth Union and Belarusian Union of Women launched Vaccinated against COVID campaign

The BRSM First Secretary, Aleksandr Lukyanov, and the Chairperson of the BUW Youth Branch, Diana Mishura, have got vaccinated against coronavirus and urged young people to follow their example

Photo by Tata Kaverina

“I would like to appeal to everyone: do not be afraid and get vaccinated,” Mr. Lukyanov says. “The fourth wave is very active and even young people are at great risk. With this in view, we’ve joined the Belarusian Union of Women to launch our Vaccinated against COVID campaign. I’d like to show by personal example that it’s a safe process. Belarusians’ mentality is based on attentiveness to others. We understand that it’s important to support each other. We are launching a flash mob to show that vaccination is an important and normal process. Anyone who has been vaccinated can post a photo on a social network with the #привитотковид [vaccinated against COVID] hashtag and share their state of health. I will also definitely inform all that I’ve been vaccinated – to emphasise that everyone needs to do the same. I feel great and I'm sure everything will be fine.”

“I was vaccinated in summer and have not fallen ill since then. I feel great and understand that it's all thanks to vaccination,” Diana adds. “I know many people are taken to hospitals with severe symptoms since they have not been vaccinated. We want young people to see how important this mission is: through likes and reposts in social networks, this campaign will enjoy an even greater coverage.”