Posted: 21.06.2023 16:45:00

Belarusian Red Cross aims to make children from other countries feel protected in the country

The Belarusian Red Cross is doing everything possible to make children from other countries feel protected in Belarus – as stated by the organisation’s Secretary General, Dmitry Shevtsov

“We liaise with our partners (not only international, as there are also Belarusian sponsors, including ordinary citizens) so that children from other countries – who want to recuperate and enjoy tranquillity and comfort in Belarus – feel protected. The most important message is to prolong childhood as long as possible. Adults should not take it away from children,” Mr. Shevtsov said.

The official reminded about some aspects of the organisation's work in relation to children from abroad who vacation and recuperate in the republic. In particular, the Belarusian Red Cross participates in such campaigns as Preparing Children for School and The Wish Tree.

"We work to involve as many Belarusian children as possible, but we also do not forget about boys and girls who need help from abroad – i.e. Ukraine, Syria, Libya or Iran, depending on the year,” Mr. Shevtsov said. “In 2017-2019, we had an average of about 30 children from Ukraine recovering with the help of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Belarus. In 2020, we managed to accept about 50 boys and girls for recuperation and, last year, 87 children from Ukraine came to Belarus in August to rehabilitate countrywide. In addition, we purchased sportswear and sports equipment for children from Ukraine who stayed in Novopolotsk last December.”

Red Cross Days are held in the country annually, and psychologists work with children as part of them. Moreover, clowns entertain kids as part of the Clown Therapy international programme. In Belarus, children are trained by certified specialists in first aid, also learning more of international humanitarian law which is a very important aspect of modern life.

“Last year, we accepted 87 children for recuperation with the help of our UNICEF partners,” Mr. Shevtsov noted. “In 2023, this organisation is assisting as well. Actually, for more boys and girls to be involved, we decided not to send them to sanatoriums, but to allocate money to families who raise children from Ukraine: 700+ children will receive assistance in the amount of about Br600.”

For the New Year holidays, 1,168 refugee children from Ukraine, Syria and Afghanistan received gifts from the Belarusian Red Cross. Meanwhile, an integration camp is held annually in Grodno for families raising disabled children. On average, about fifty boys and girls rehabilitate there.