Posted: 31.12.2021 13:41:00

Belarusian polar explorers congratulate on New Year

On behalf of the participants of the 14th Belarusian Antarctic Expedition, its Head Aleksei Gaidashov has sent congratulations on the upcoming New Year to the National Academy of Sciences and all Belarusians – as reported by the NAS’ press service

Photo by Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences

The 14th Belarusian Antarctic Expedition notes that 2021 has been a difficult year for all of us, but Belarusian people managed to harness their willpower and unite to overcome difficulties. "Together we can do a lot! The team of the 14th Belarusian Antarctic Expedition are sending the warmest congratulations on occasion of the New Year and Christmas from the coldest continent of the Earth – to their relatives and friends, to all residents of our wonderful Belarus! We wish you and all those whom you love good polar health, happiness, and well-being! Let every day of the upcoming new year bring peace and harmony, love and respect, warmth and comfort to our houses. Happy New Year, Belarus!” the message reads.

The team of 11 Belarusian polar explorers include Aleksei Gaidashov, Aleksei Khatkevich, Vladimir Nesterovich, Artur Ivashko, Sergei Puninsky, Igor Alekseev, Nikolai Zinkevich, Yegor Korzun, Aleksandr Abaturin, Yuri Podshivalov and Sergei Lyuty.

Happy New Year!