Posted: 16.05.2023 09:22:00

Belarusian manufacturers ready to replace IKEA

Minsk and Moscow are increasing mutual trade. Belarusian manufacturers are actively promoting their products on the Russian market by opening new stores and showrooms, and one of them has recently opened in Moscow, MIR 24 reports.

Belarus is actively liaising with Russian regions, developing new co-operative ties, opening new facilities and stores. In the Russian capital alone, Belarusian outlets open virtually monthly.

"The market is going through a period when many Western brands have left it, and right now, in my opinion, it is important to introduce high-quality analogues. That was one of our main tasks," Roman Smirnov, the Commercial Director of BelRu, said. The Russian market is a new one for his company, the latter will analyse the demand there after opening its store.

The countries actually co-operate in various fields – including textile production and the assembly of tanks. For example, the Belarusian manufacturer has recently taken the place of the Swedish IKEA.

“It seems to me the prices do not differ greatly. I recently visited another IKEA, in Thailand. I see that it is very comfortable here – virtually the same,” buyer Mikhail shared his impressions.