Posted: 30.05.2022 12:17:00

Belarusian Government proposes drastic measures, but Lukashenko doesn’t rush to conclusions

During the discussion of the draft law On the Improvement of Socio-Economic Policy of the Republic of Belarus, President Aleksandr Lukashenko said that the measures proposed by the document are aimed at strengthening economic security


Addressing the participants of the meeting, the Belarusian leader noted, “I carefully studied this bill. I see that a number of measures are directly aimed at protecting state interests and strengthening our economic security.”

At the same time, the Head of State drew attention to the fact that there are also issues of a radical revision of the practice of regulating some areas, “For example, you propose customs and tax deferrals, a moratorium on the growth of property taxes. But how will this affect budget revenues and consequently, salaries of teachers, doctors, pensions and child benefits?”

The President explained, “My concerns about the simultaneous adoption of such a layer of decisions: are we ready for this? Are these far-fetched norms that are beautiful on paper, but give nothing in practice?”

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