Posted: 24.03.2023 13:10:00

Belarusian diplomat: invocation of Moscow Mechanism in relation to Belarus is a political show for cheap fame

Invocation of the Moscow Mechanism in relation to Belarus is a political show of Western countries resulting in fifteen minutes of cheap fame – as stated by Belarus’ representative in Vienna at the OSCE Permanent Council on the subject of the Moscow Mechanism – as reported in the Belarusian Foreign Ministry’s press service


The text of the speech reads, “We are sad to see how the esteemed delegations of the Western countries, with perseverance worthy of a better use, are using the so-called Moscow Mechanism against Belarus for the umpteenth time. Of course, always treating everyone present in this hall with unfailing respect, we do not allow the fact that the delegations of the countries that are the initiators of another political show dedicated to Belarus seriously expect to receive any other result than the one that ended all previous proceedings. Its only result is 15 minutes of cheap fame for those who want to testify to the whole world the righteousness of their political position. At the same time, from the point of view of meaningful communication, the only one capable of giving a constructive response to our anxieties and concerns, this process has a zero effect.”

The statement also notes that with the help of an obviously outdated tool from another historical era, the initiators of the next ‘trial of the progressive public’ over Belarus are betting on the continuation of the tactics of increasing pressure on the country across all directions – through sanctions, isolation and intimidation.

“Dear colleagues, if you think that by waving a sanctions baton you will challenge your opponent to a sincere conversation about a sore point, then you are simply engaging in self-deception. For many centuries, external forces have constantly tried to strangle the Belarusian people, to subjugate them to their will, to force them to live according to other people’s ideas about what is good and what is bad. It didn’t work then, and it won’t work today. The Belarusian authorities can and are ready to discuss the issues and wishes of individual countries, but on one condition: in the format of an equal and respectful interstate dialogue, without arrogant claims and ultimatums, with an understanding of the complexity of our world and the diversity of civilisational paths to happiness and goodness,” the diplomat stressed.