Posted: 29.07.2022 12:18:00

Belarusian diplomacy is doing everything to restore peace in Eastern Europe

As noted by Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst with the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, Belarusian diplomacy is doing everything to restore peace and order in the Eastern European region

"Minsk has been promoting a clear and consistent line that we [Belarus] are a platform of peaceful negotiations on settlement of the conflict in Ukraine," Mr. Avdonin explained.

According to the expert, this aspiration of Belarus has naturally faced a huge flow of negativity from those who want to neutralise the country’s efforts at all costs and prevent the process from being transferred to a peaceful course. "Meanwhile, there is no other alternative for our diplomacy but to promote a peaceful agenda of talks: only in the spirit of good-neighbourliness and mutual respect can high rates of economic growth, creation of benefits and social harmony be ensured in our countries. Otherwise, we will always act to the detriment of ourselves and to please the corporate elites," Mr. Avdonin added.