Posted: 26.05.2023 16:38:00

Belarusian border guards recorded 15 deaths of migrants in 2023

The figure was announced by the Chairman of the State Border Committee, Anatoly Lappo

“The migration crisis is now not as acute as it was some time ago, but people are still coming,” Mr. Lappo said. “Moreover, there are many women and children among the migrants who want to get to the West through Belarus. They lived in their homes, according to their customs, they did not bother anyone, worked and did not ask for anything. But others came to them, bombed their houses, and then called them to migrate, promising a beautiful life. What should people do? As long as there are conflicts, and houses are collapsing, they will continue migrating. These people are not allowed through border checkpoints, they are mocked. This year alone, according to our data, 15 deaths have been recorded. How many more are there on the other side? What are these people to blame for? By such actions, neighbouring countries violate all possible international treaties.”