Posted: 18.07.2022 11:17:00

Belarusian Anna Trubetskaya wins Slavianski Bazaar’s Grand Prix

The 31st Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk International Festival of Arts winner named

Belarusian Anna Trubetskaya was awarded the Grand Prix: the lady’s High Way to Hell song brought her a record score of the maximum possible 140 points over two competitive days. The international jury head, Larisa Dolina, presented her the main award: Lira.

A little later, the singer from Mogilev admitted that she was fully pleased with her performance, “I did everything I planned – everything possible that I was able of. I think it was the highest point of my artistic intensity. I was extremely happy, and I am ready to virtually kiss the Vitebsk stage, since I dreamt of standing here for a long time. This triumph has happened, and the flowers from Yelisei Kasich, who won the Grand Prix of the International Children's Song Contest, helped me as well. He presented them to me during a draw, wishing that they would become victorious for me. It happened so!”

Marta, from Italy, performed Mama Knows Best on the second day, and received 68 points from the jury. Her total score made 138 points, and the lady was awarded the first prize.

A performer from Russia, Nansi (Anastasia Belyavskaya), and Bulgarian Dimitrina Germanova shared the second prize, while the third prize went to Armenia’s Maria Khandanyan and Kyrgyzstan’s Bek Israilov.

The special prize of Belarus’ President Aleksandr Lukashenko – Slavic Hope – went to Uzbekistan’s Xon. The award was presented by the Chairman of the festival’s organising committee, Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister Igor Petrishenko.

A participant from Bosnia and Herzegovina received the Vladimir Mulyavin Special Prize for the Best Embodiment of the National Theme and High Performing Skills.

As noted by the People's Artiste of Russia and jury head, Larisa Dolina, participation in the competition is primarily a personal test. “I wish the contestants to always break all the walls on their path,” the famous singer wished the Slavianski Bazaar participants.