Posted: 18.09.2023 11:53:00

Belarus visited by 710,000+ foreigners without visas

Since the launch of the visa-free regime, 713,612 foreigners have crossed the Belarusian border, the State Border Committee reports in its Telegram channel

According to the source, 448,941 citizens of Lithuania, 50,075 non-citizens and 163,431 citizens of Latvia, as well as 51,165 citizens of Poland have travelled to Belarus without visas.

Since January 1st, 2023, 328,626 residents of neighbouring EU countries have used the visa-free regime: 200,678 citizens of Lithuania, 75,297 citizens and 23,196 non-citizens of Latvia, as well as 29,455 citizens of Poland.

It is also reported that detailed information on visa-free visits to Belarus is available in a special section of the information portal of the State Border Committee and in the Granitsa Belarusi (Border of Belarus) mobile app.