Posted: 07.12.2021 10:45:00

Belarus, Turkey to discuss free trade in services

A Turkish delegation of high-ranking representatives of the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the Information and Communication Technologies Authority have arrived in Belarus to discuss a draft bilateral agreement on free trade in services – as reported by Belarus’ Economy Ministry


Marina Yezhova, the Head of the Economy Ministry’s Main Department of Economic Integration, opened a meeting to note that it was already the third round of negotiations between Belarus and Turkey. “During the first and second rounds, as well as inter-sessional meetings, we developed an approximate structure of the document, outlining possible mutually beneficial solutions to complex issues. Importantly, our discussion is developing along the constructive path since the both sides aim at achieving the final result,” she stressed.

According to expert estimates, signing and implementation of this agreement on free trade in services with Turkey will enable Belarus to increase its exports of services by 3.8 percent. The greatest growth is likely to be registered in such areas as other business services (4.9-fold), air transport services (1.7-fold), and communications (by 8.6 percent).