Posted: 10.08.2022 15:16:00

Belarus studies possibility of issuing simplified residence permits to the Balts and Poles with Belarusian roots

Belarus is creating the most favourable conditions for the entry of law-abiding foreigners, and over 164,000 citizens of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland have visited the country since April 2022 when a visa-free entry procedure was introduced – as informed by the Interior Ministry’s press service

As reported, the number of appeals to Belarus’ district departments of internal affairs on the issue of permanent residence in the country has increased. “These are mostly coming from foreigners who have Belarusian roots,” Vitaly Naumchik, the First Deputy Head of the Citizenship and Migration Department of Belarus’ Interior Ministry, said. “They previously held Belarusian citizenship, have grounds for getting it through registration, are Belarusians or identify themselves with Belarusians or their descendants.”

Actually, the legislation already provides for the possibility of obtaining an appropriate permit for permanent residence by this category of foreigners. “The Interior Ministry is now working on simplifying the procedure for issuing a residence permit to the citizens of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland who have Belarusian roots, including reducing the duration of this administrative procedure to one month. This will create more favourable conditions for the entry, long-term stay and integration of citizens of these countries in our republic," Mr. Naumchik added.