Posted: 27.05.2024 16:40:00

Belarus sent humanitarian aid to Orenburg and Kurgan regions of Russia

Humanitarian aid has been sent to the flood-affected areas of the Orenburg and Kurgan regions of Russia, following the Belarusian President’s instruction

“The humanitarian cargo with a total weight of 56 tonnes and a volume of about 260 cubic metres will be delivered to those affected by the disaster by road,” Belarus’ Emergencies Ministry reported. “It includes medicines, bedding, blankets, underwear and clothing, including for children, as well as shoes, basic necessities, and canned food.”

This spring, several regions of the Russian Federation have faced extremely high water levels in rivers.

In August last year, Belarus provided humanitarian assistance in connection with the consequences of floods to the Primorsky Krai. Actually, the republic regularly helps countries affected by emergencies. For example, since 1999 (when the Emergencies Ministry was formed), international humanitarian assistance has been provided eighty-four times to 34 countries. In 2023, it was sent five times: to Turkiye, Russia, Cuba, and twice to Syria.