Posted: 10.05.2022 16:27:00

Belarus’ security ensured in three tactical directions

The Chief of the General Staff – the First Deputy Defence Minister of Belarus, Viktor Gulevich, announced a growing military threat, BelTA reports


"The United States and its allies continue to increase their military presence near the state border of Belarus. Over the past six months, the created group has more than doubled – in both quantitative and qualitative terms. Groups carrying sea-launched cruise missiles have been stationed in the Mediterranean and Baltic seas, and an aviation group in Poland and the Baltic States has been increased. All this testifies to a growing threat to the Republic of Belarus," Mr. Gulevich said.

The Chief of the General Staff also noted that a number of exercises are being held on the territory of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, including Defender Europe which is supposed to involve up to 20,000 military and a large amount of machinery.

Apart from this exercise, seven more drills are in place on the territory of the countries bordering Belarus – working out the use of reconnaissance, sabotage and special operations forces, as well as landing troops. Mr. Gulevich believes this activity clearly does not indicate peaceful purposes of these exercises.

"Based on this, Belarus’ Armed Forces have developed a set of measures aimed at countering possible threats. As part of the second stage of testing our rapid response forces, battalion tactical groups have been sent to the Western and North-Western operational directions. To strengthen them, air defence units, missile troops and artillery are being deployed – to ensure their combat operation. In the Southern operational direction, a group of up to 20,000 people created by Ukraine’s Armed Forces also requires a response from us. Special operations forces deployed in three tactical directions ensure the security of Belarus," Mr. Gulevich said, adding, “From today on, two territorial defence areas are being inspected under my leadership. The deployed units of territorial troops will perform tasks to protect important facilities."