Posted: 10.11.2021 12:42:00

Belarus, Russia signed protocol on gas prices for 2022

Belarus’ Energy Minister, Viktor Karankevich, and Russia’s Energy Minister, Nikolay Shulginov, have signed a protocol on amending the agreement between the two governments on the procedure for setting prices (tariffs) for natural gas supplies to Belarus and its transportation


The document was signed following a bilateral meeting of the ministers in Moscow and it defines the formation of prices for natural gas supplies to Belarus in 2022. As reported by Belarus’ Energy Ministry, specific gas prices will be fixed in a joint document with Gazprom, based on the conditions of 2021.

In turn, Mr. Shulginov stated that the countries continue working hard to create common energy markets, “The Russian side is fully complying with its obligations related to the supply of energy and gas to the Republic. Our fuel and energy co-operation is, without exaggeration, the basis for economic collaboration and makes a significant contribution to strengthening the energy security of the Republic of Belarus. Intensive work on formation of the foundations for creation of common energy markets continues now, and the relevant Union State programmes aimed at

formation of joint markets have been signed and are in operation. I am convinced that realisation of the constructive potential in the energy sector will enable us to create qualitatively new conditions for economic co-operation and implementation of new major joint projects.”