Posted: 12.04.2022 13:31:00

Belarus ready to send its specialists to develop Russian cosmodrome, Lukashenko said

Belarus is ready to send its builders and specialists to develop the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the shortest possible time – as stressed by President Aleksandr Lukashenko during today’s meeting with cosmonauts and cosmodrome employees, BelTA reports


One of the employees asked the President when Belarusian builders would arrive, and Aleksandr Lukashenko replied, “They will not be long in coming!”

The Head of State noted that his Russian counterpart had spoken of the work amidst sanctions, sharing his confidence in the successful overcoming of their negative impact. However, when visiting the cosmodrome, there was a feeling that no sanctions exist. The Belarusian leader explained, “Everything is your own’s here. You are doing everything with your own hands. Why should we worry about these sanctions? We can build on our own, can’t we? We will construct and do everything. Little time is needed. That is why the President invited me to look with my own eyes….”

“…On volumes and scales,” Vladimir Putin continued.

The President of Russia added that Belarusian builders have a very good reputation, but this is not the only area of space related co-operation. Vladimir Putin noted that, since Soviet times, Belarus has good enterprises which experience and best practices are now in demand for joint projects with Russia regarding development of space technologies.

“[They] have remained since Soviet times. Aleksandr Grigorievich [Lukashenko] did not let them collapse; he supported them. We will use these developments. These are absolutely concrete things," the Russian leader noted.

Vladimir Putin is convinced that – in the way the USSR achieved tremendous successes in conditions of technological isolation – the present sanctions pressure is not an obstacle to the qualitative development of certain areas. “We will work with those of our partners who want to interact. We will raise our own competencies,” he stressed.