Posted: 14.05.2023 12:14:00

Belarus’ PM: true patriotism manifested not in words and slogans, but in life stance

Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko delivered a speech during a solemn ceremony honouring the state symbols – the emblem, the anthem and the flag, and also read out the welcome address of the Head of State to the holiday participants

“The ceremony of swearing allegiance to the state symbols of Belarus by young citizens has become a tradition of this day,” Mr. Golovchenko said.

The Prime Minister urged his countrymen to remember what true patriotism is and how it manifests itself.

“I am convinced that, for each of you, this day will be remembered as one of the most important events in your life,” Mr. Golovchenko said. “You will come here years later to hear the same oath pronounced by your children, whom you will raise as true patriots. Please do not forget that true patriotism is manifested not in words and slogans, but in life stance, in everyday affairs for the good of the country. Remember that the state symbols embody independence and sovereignty, unite all of us in an effort to preserve our way of life, ancestral traditions and heroic past.”

Several thousand people have gathered today at the National Flag Square in Minsk to participate in the solemn ritual, among whom there were especially many young Belarusians. Under the accompaniment of the joint performance of the anthem, the honour guard company brought a huge banner of the National Flag of Belarus and an image of the emblem to the square.

On behalf of the younger generation of Belarus, the oath of allegiance to the state symbols was pronounced by representatives of the youth from all regions of the country and the city of Minsk. Young people staged creative performances on patriotic themes corresponding to the spirit and mood of the holiday.