Posted: 17.06.2024 17:41:00

Belarus’ NOC bewildered at IOC position regarding Belarusian athletes invited to Olympics

The National Olympic Committee of Belarus has expressed perplexity about the first list of Belarusian athletes who have been invited by the IOC to participate in the Olympic Games in Paris, reports with reference to the NOC press service

It is noted that the opaque approaches and conclusions of the so-called commission on verifying the neutral status of an athlete for admission to the Games arouse the lack of understanding and indignation.

For unexplained reasons, the athletes who successfully passed the checks, participated in qualifying competitions and won licenses have not been allowed to take part.

At the same time, Belarus’ NOC added that the lists prepared by the International Olympic Committee are not final (not all sports are represented) and have not been officially approved by the Belarusian side. The NOC of the republic will continue negotiations with the IOC and will fight individually for each athlete — for their right to compete at the Games.

It is also clarified that the final decision on who will go to the Olympics in Paris will be made by the NOC together with the sports federations, as well as athletes. At the same time, one of the main objective principles is that only those who managed to win licenses in the harsh, limited and discriminatory conditions that have developed in world sports recently should take part in the Olympic Games.