Posted: 28.12.2023 11:49:00

Belarus’ Main New Year Tree event: wishes from Lukashenko to holiday’s young guests from Belarus and beyond

Almost 2,400 youngsters from all over Belarus have gathered today at the Palace of the Republic for a charity event, held as part of Our Children campaign. Among the young guests who came to the fabulous performance – New Year’s Time Machine – are not only Belarusian children. Belarus’ Main New Year Tree event is attended by children from Donbass, Latvia, as well as families with children evacuated from the Gaza Strip. According to a good tradition, all the children are personally congratulated by the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko.

Addressing the young spectators, the Head of State noted that today is a pleasant and happy day that will begin in an unusual way, with gifts presented to the President’s ‘assistants’ – Father Frost and the Snow Maiden.

The President noted that now children are having joyful and happy days – school vacation, “This is the happiest and most cheerful time. No matter what problems we have, we always rejoice at vacation. New Year is New Year. You are all waiting for gifts: both adults and children... After the main gift – this New Year’s performance – we will give you more small presents from the President. But the most important is the New Year’s magic, prepared for us by wonderful artists, including Father Frost and the Snow Maiden.”


The Belarusian leader praised all the youngsters and thanked them, “Well done! I want to say that there are no random people here. Here are the youngsters who deserve to be present at this wonderful holiday. These are future outstanding personalities, the future of our Belarus. You are great, and thank you for being serious about your studies since these early years. I really hope that alongside studying, you are also engaged in sports activities. I advise you to practice sports to be beautiful and healthy... I’d like to wish you and ask you that you continue to please your parents, teachers and educators. I’d like to say adults who came here – educators, childcare workers, teachers, and parents – thank you so much for our Belarusian children.”

The Head of State especially singled out teachers and educators, “You have that gift, it seems to me that people of other countries, continents do not have such a gift as Belarusian women, our real men, who think about our children from morning to evening, raising and teaching them.”

The Belarusian leader added that the children present in the hall have different lives and destinies, with some having certain problems due to different conditions. As a person who also had a difficult childhood, he advised, “Everything is in your hands! If you want, you will be strong, real Belarusians. Some, as is fashionable now, will go into IT. Others will become good plant growers and will love their land, still others will become teachers, great scientists... Everything is in your hands! You just need to show more patience and perseverance. This applies to everyone. Therefore, live peacefully, calmly, and don’t worry too much about what you don’t need to worry about.”