Posted: 15.11.2021 10:39:00

Belarus, Kazakhstan to jointly produce veterinary medicines

Belarus’ Agriculture and Food Minister, Ivan Krupko, believes co-operation in the agro-industrial sphere between Belarus and Kazakhstan is developing dynamically


“Last year, Belarusian agricultural and food exporters sold $272m of products to Kazakhstan. From January-September 2021, exports of agricultural products made $219.7m, or 107.1 percent compared to the same period last year,” Mr. Krupko said.

The Agriculture and Food Minister informed that Kazakhstan is the third largest importer of Belarusian products – behind Russia and China. Speaking of the joint plans, he noted, “There is an agreement to design a dairy complex in Kazakhstan for 1,200 cows. A contract has also been signed envisaging supplies of Belarusian equipment for the complex, as well as sales of our pedigree cattle.”

Joint ventures for production of veterinary drugs are also planned.