Posted: 21.06.2024 16:57:00

Belarus investigating criminal cases into commission of 52 crimes against security of mankind

Criminal cases are being investigated against officials of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia on the fact of committing 52 crimes against the safety of mankind, causing serious bodily harm resulting in death, and leaving in danger – as informed by Dmitry Gora, the Chairman of Belarus’ Investigative Committee, at the Main Directions for Improving National Security System international scientific and practical conference held in Minsk today

More than 200 citizens of foreign countries are the victims in the criminal case. These people were in transit through the Republic of Belarus to the countries of the European Union, and 50+ of them died; the rest, including women and children, received injuries of varying severity.

A block of materials has been prepared by the Investigative Committee on the facts of illegal actions against refugees on the border with the European Union. Among them are protocols of testimony of victims, their photos, copies of documents, and conclusions of forensic medical examinations. All documents have been translated and submitted to the United Nations.

“Unfortunately, we have not yet seen any reaction to all this,” Mr. Gora stated.