Posted: 01.07.2022 09:51:00

Belarus introduced visa-free entry for Polish citizens

In order to maintain good neighbourly relations, the Belarusian Head of State decided to introduce a temporary visa-free entry procedure for Poles. The new procedure comes into force from 00:00 on July 1st and is valid through December 31st, 2022 – as reported in the press service of the State Border Committee of Belarus.

Citizens of Poland will be able to cross the border without a visa at checkpoints on the Polish-Belarusian section of the border. Moreover, the Poles will be allowed to visit the border zone without a pass. When entering Belarus at the checkpoint, it is enough to verbally inform the border guard about the intention to visit the border zone, indicating the settlements and the purpose of the visit.

“For visa-free entry into Belarus, it is necessary to present a valid document for traveling abroad, a green card (when traveling by car), as well as medical insurance,” the press service of the State Border Committee specified.

The border department also reminded that a PCR test and a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus are not needed to cross the border.

Previously, a visa-free regime was introduced and then extended for citizens of Lithuania and citizens (non-citizens) of Latvia, which is also valid until December 31st inclusive. Tens of thousands of Lithuanians and Latvians have used the right to visa-free visits to our country.

Detailed information on visa-free visits to Belarus can be found on the official website of the State Border Committee of Belarus and in the ‘Granitsa Belarusi’ (Border of Belarus) mobile application.