Posted: 08.10.2021 13:02:00

Belarus improved its position in the world food safety ranking

Belarus is in 23rd place among 113 states in the 2020 Global Food Security Index, according to the official Telegram channel of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. As the department noted, Russia is in 24th place in this rating, Kazakhstan — 32nd, Azerbaijan — 56th, Uzbekistan — 83rd, Tajikistan — 85th, Poland — 25th, Spain — 26th, Hungary — 36th, Bulgaria — 44th, Ukraine — 54th. In 2019, Belarus was ranked 36th.
“The demand of Belarus’ population for meat and dairy products is fully met by products of its own production. Production of meat in the country per capita exceeds its consumption by 38.4 percent, milk and dairy products — 3.4-fold. Milk production per capita population is 828kg/person with a consumption of 244kg/person, and meat production — 137kg/person with a consumption of 99kg/person.