Posted: 10.05.2022 10:06:00

Belarus’ Healthcare Minister: situation with coronavirus completely under control

This was stated by Belarus’ Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich in his talk with Belarus1 TV channel, answering the question whether the end of the pandemic in the country is close

Earlier, Dmitry Pinevich compared the pandemic with a war. “In a pandemic, a large number of patients are seriously ill. This facilitates the need to change the work of the healthcare system, which is on a different track. That is, during the pandemic, new methods of work should be applied: both with the bed fund and with the staff. Moreover, these should be structured and tough measures. Perhaps, this is the pandemic. The pandemic poses a threat to national security as it affects all of our lives, starting with the medical component and ending with the economy and politics,” the Healthcare Minister explained his point of view.

Mr. Pinevich said that the rate of COVID-19 hospitalisations in the country today is less than 4 percent.

“At the moment the situation is fully under control. We practically do not work in this direction and have returned to work under normal conditions. Another issue is that we have learned quite a lot of lessons related, e,g., to personnel training. The algorithms for the supply of medicines that we have developed enabled us to stay afloat in these difficult economic conditions that are imposed on us by external players,” underlined Mr. Pinevich.