Posted: 09.06.2022 15:16:00

Belarus has enough oil reserves for 25 years ahead

The Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Andrei Khudyk, commented on the country’s available reserves and volumes of oil production

“Thanks to modern technologies, our specialists have learned to develop deposits that were previously considered inaccessible. Oil prospecting and exploration is overseen by the Scientific-Production Centre of Geology and its specialised branch: the Mozyr Oil Exploration Expedition for Deep Drilling. Exploration work and hydrocarbon production are carried out by Belorusneft Production Association. Highly qualified specialists of these two enterprises can perform the most complex studies at a depth of 5km or more,” Mr. Khudyk said.

In total, the country has 90 hydrocarbon deposits, and 65 of them – located in the Gomel and Mogilev regions – are being developed.

Recoverable reserves of industrial oil amount to 47,474 thousand tonnes, gas condensate – 96,000 tonnes, associated petroleum gas – 6,095m cubic metres, natural (free) gas – 463m cubic metres.

The volume of oil production has stabilised at the level of 1.7-1.73m tonnes per year and, in 2022, 1.8m tonnes are planned to be extracted – enabling Belarus to pull oil for another 25 years without an additional increase in its reserves.