Posted: 29.06.2022 12:48:00

Belarus’ Finance Minister: we’ll bring Western infrastructure back to senses

Belarus’ Finance Minister Yuri Seliverstov commented on possible attempts by the West to default on Eurobonds to the Republic of Belarus by analogy with the Russian Federation. According to him, this will only confirm their intentions to consciously artificially exploit the default, which cannot be a priori.

“If the task is to take measures that will artificially provoke a technical default, then they are trying to do it. Meanwhile, everyone should understand that a default is when a country declares that it is impossible to make payments. In fact, the situation is such that we cannot pay as is prescribed in all documentation, but it doesn’t come from us. In this case, the infrastructure itself – created to administer such payments and which has been working successfully for years – gives a certain failure. The problem here is not with us, but with the system itself.”

According to the Minister, when trying to default on someone, Western infrastructure must realise that, in fact, it is itself in default.

“If we draw an analogy at the household level, then the manufacturer released goods and shipped them to the store. In the store they were stored incorrectly and as a result, when consumers buy them, it turns out that they are spoiled. The question is: whose fault is it? Obviously, the problems are in the infrastructure. Accordingly, such an infrastructure must be brought back to senses, and we will deal with it,” summed up the Finance Minister.