Posted: 11.01.2022 17:14:00

Belarus’ exports up to reach $44.5bn

From January-November 2021, Belarus increased its exports of goods and services by 33.7 percent against the same period of 2020 to make $44.533bn – as reported by the National Bank

The country’s foreign trade turnover of goods and services reached $85.088bn (31.6 percent up against January-November 2020), including imports of $40.555bn (an increase of 29.5 percent). The positive balance of foreign trade in goods and services stood at the level of $3.978bn (the balance was also positive in 2020 – making $1.995bn from January-November).

Belarus’ foreign trade turnover of goods increased by 34.9 percent to make $70.767bn: exports rose by 38.5 percent ($35.323bn), imports – by 31.4 percent ($35.443bn). The balance was negative: $120m (from January-November 2020, it was also negative and made $1.47bn).

In turn, the foreign trade turnover of services increased by 17.6 percent to make $14.321bn: exports rose by 17.7 percent ($9.21bn), imports – by 17.3 percent ($5,111bn). The balance was positive: $4.098bn (from January-November 2020, it was positive as well and made $3.465bn).