Posted: 12.10.2021 10:29:00

Belarus’ exports increased

From January-August 2021, Belarus increased exports of goods and services by 32.2 percent against the same period last year – to reach $30.4bn, the National Bank of Belarus informs

Over the first eight months of 2021, foreign trade turnover of goods and services amounted to $58.482bn – 30.6 percent more than in the same period last year. Imports accounted for $28.077bn (28.9 percent up). The positive balance of foreign trade in goods and services was formed at the level of $2.328bn (in January-August 2020, the balance was also positive: $1.231bn).

Foreign trade turnover of goods increased by 33.1 percent to make $48.316bn. Exports of goods rose by 36.2 percent to reach $23.87bn, imports – by 30.2 percent ($24.446bn). The balance was negative: $576.1m (in January-August 2020, it was also negative and made $1.249bn).

Foreign trade turnover of services rose by 19.8 percent to reach $10.165bn. Exports of services increased by 19.2 percent to make $6.535bn, imports – by 20.9 percent ($3.63bn). The balance was positive: $2.904bn (in January-August 2020, it was positive as well – making $2.48bn).