Posted: 31.01.2023 12:37:00

Belarus’ Deputy Agriculture Minister told what Belarusian products enjoy popularity in African countries

Belarusian products are currently supplied to ten countries of the African continent, with Belarus-made cheeses and butter enjoying the demand and actively rivalling those produced in New Zealand – as noted by Belarus’ Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Vadim Shagoiko during his talk with STV TV channel

Vadim Shagoiko said that modern Africa is multinational. In terms of nutrition, many countries have their own peculiarities and preferences.

“In particular, if we are talking about food products, then not every product that is in demand in our country will enjoy popularity there. The continent is quite new for us and – assessing the scale of how many people who need food live there – we say that we are able to produce the necessary volumes. We are already supplying trial batches of our products to about ten African countries, which are in demand there. We are able to provide a significant part of the population. Our cheeses and butter enjoy popularity, actively rivalling those manufactured in h New Zealand. The Belarusian pork stew also aroused great interest,” he explained.