Posted: 06.02.2023 10:34:00

Belarus’ Defence Ministry summed up results of Belarus-Russia tactical flight exercises

The country has completed tactical flight exercises of Belarus and Russia, the purpose of which was to increase interoperability; their results are successful – as stated by Commander of the Air Force and Air Defence of the Armed Forces of Belarus Andrei Lukyanovich during his talk with STV TV channel

The officer summed up the exercises, “The most important point is the analysis of the results of the exercises, the purpose of which was to increase interoperability. At each stage, we had to act together, efficiently and successfully. We have achieved the result, as is confirmed by the analysis of the exercise. Firstly, we used the A-50 aircraft, enabling us to significantly increase the radar field at low and extremely low altitudes and also to increase the combat control field.”

The representative of the defence department added that within the framework of the exercises, it was also possible to work out the withdrawal of aviation from under attack.

“We have worked out the element of relocating aviation to our airfields and to Russia. We also used civilian airports, which significantly increases the survivability of our aviation. As Commander of the Air Force and Air Defence, I want to make one more aspect: using the experience of our Russian colleagues, we have changed certain forms of battle formations and the method of combat use of our assault and army aviation,” Lukyanovich emphasised.

He drew attention to the fact that the exercises were open, were not directed against third parties and were purely defensive in their nature.

According to him, the creation of a regional group of troops (forces) was caused by a difficult military-political situation. The aviation component was also reinforced.

“Tactical flight exercises are one of the elements of co-ordinating our and Russian crew,” he added.

The Commander assured that co-ordination would be continued in order to ensure the security of both Belarus and the Union State as a whole.