Posted: 10.06.2024 13:56:00

Belarus’ Defence Minister: we monitor and analyse all aggressive attacks, consistently strengthening our defensive potential

In line with the decision of the Belarusian and Russian presidents and the agreements reached between the two countries’ defence departments, units of Belarus’ Armed Forces are taking part in the second stage of the Russian Armed Forces’ exercises to practice the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons – as reported by Belarus’ Defence Ministry in its Telegram channel

“Modern realities show that Western leaders are pursuing an uncompromising aggressive policy in the field of military activities while demonstrating a lack of readiness for constructive dialogue, which undoubtedly only aggravate tension in the region. After unsuccessful attempts to drag us into the epidemic of colour revolutions and crush us with economic sanctions, some particularly hotheads in the West are hatching plans to use military force against our country. Representatives of some states are making statements about the permission to strike their weapons – transferred to Ukraine – on the territory of the Russian Federation. Moreover, the Lithuanian Foreign Minister, in his militaristic frenzy, actually almost called for strikes against Russia’s military facilities located on the territory of our country,” Belarus’ Defence Minister, Lieutenant General Viktor Khrenin noted.

According to him, Belarus and the Union State as a whole are acting proactively.

“We monitor and analyse all these aggressive attacks, consistently strengthening our defensive potential – as is proven by our participation in the second stage of the Russian Armed Forces’ exercises on the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons. Today, we are acting proactively, systematically increasing our readiness to use the so-called weapons of retaliation. More than ever before, we are determined to respond to any threats that are created both for our country and for the Union State. Moreover, such events are an excellent opportunity to assess the level of training of the Armed Forces to ensure military security and armed protection of the Republic of Belarus.”

Viktor Khrenin stressed that the events related to the participation of Belarusian forces and means in the non-strategic nuclear exercises are carried out in the interests of ensuring our security and are planned.

“We don’t have a goal to create any tension in matters of ensuring regional security. We don’t project relevant military threats to third countries or to anyone. We are a peaceful state, we do not threaten anyone and do not seek confrontation with anyone. Anyway, we’ll keep the powder dry!” Belarus’ Defence Minister underlined.