Posted: 17.05.2024 12:40:00

Belarus’ Defence Minister: global military-political situation requires special attention to defence capability

The 10th, jubilee gathering dedicated to military security and state defence is taking place in Mogilev

“In line with the Head of State’s decision, we are holding this gathering in order to increase the level of knowledge of the leadership of the regional executive committees and the Minsk City Executive Committees in the issues relating to state defence, particularly, territorial defence. The current development of the military-political situation in the world and directly around Belarus requires us to pay special attention to the issues of ensuring the country’s defence capability. As the President noted in his speeches: ‘Time has chosen us, and we must preserve peace and quiet on our land; this is the greatest challenge for our generation. Everyone who is involved in maintaining national security or will be called up for service must clearly understand how to act and what tasks to perform’. These aspects necessitate closer co-ordination of the joint activities of heads of state bodies, regions and districts, military commissars and military commanders in preparation for the armed defence of the state, while also determining the content of the gathering,” Belarus’ Defence Minister Viktor Khrenin noted.

He added that during the gathering, the participants will be informed on the main trends in the development of the military-political situation around Belarus, ways of using and combating UAVs based on the experience of the special military operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine, as well as the procedure for forming people’s militia with the methodology of training commanders of people’s militia units and their deputies to perform tasks. The actions of volunteers of the people’s militia unit to prevent and suppress offenses will be demonstrated in the Knyazhitsy village council, while the territory of the Mogilev airport will be used to show the unmanned aircraft complexes – in service with Belarus’ Armed Forces – and samples of equipment produced by Belarus’ military-industrial complex designed to combat UAVs, armament of military units of territorial troops, engineering troops of the Armed Forces, as well as equipment of road repair and construction departments used to prepare settlements for defence. The order of practical actions of the territorial defence troops for the protection and defence of the airport will be also demonstrated. The programme of the event includes a summary of the work on the development of territorial defence in 2023.