Posted: 21.06.2024 16:33:00

Belarus’ Defence Minister: General Staff Faculty graduates are people with deep state thinking and true patriots of their country

Minsk’s Central House of Officers has hosted today a graduation ceremony of students of the General Staff Faculty of Belarus’ Armed Forces, with more than 160 officers presented with master’s degree diplomas and lapel badges

Belarus’ Defence Minister, Lieutenant General Viktor Khrenin, congratulated the graduates, “Today is a significant day in the life of the Armed Forces, since the Belarusian army is replenished with officers who have received higher military education. As is traditional, the graduation ceremony takes place on the eve of the main holiday for the Belarusian people: Independence Day.”

Viktor Khrenin emphasised that recent events show that the country’s independence comes at a difficult price, “Unfortunately, the world is not becoming safer, and an imbalance in the structure of the overall international security system is growing. A hot conflict has been unleashed by the West at our borders, and today we fully feel the blatant attempts to involve Belarus into this war. In the current conditions, the state is doing everything to prevent this, while maintaining a peaceful sky over our country. One of the main factors in preventing war on our land is the well-equipped and trained Armed Forces – ready to perform tasks in any conditions and environment. The President of Belarus identified qualitative transformation of the army and improvement of the country’s defence system among the most important tasks.”

According to the Defence Minister, each of the graduates should give priority to combat training.

“After all, they are people who initially chose serving the Fatherland as their destiny. Due to their professionalism and impeccable service they received the right to manage large military teams. These are real military professionals and, most importantly, people with deep state thinking and true patriots of their country.”

Before the solemn ceremony, the graduates laid flowers at the Tank Liberator monument.