Posted: 24.06.2022 17:12:00

Belarus’ COVID vaccine to be ready by late 2023

Yelena Krotkova, the First Deputy Healthcare Minister, commented on the progress in Belarusian coronavirus vaccine development

According to the official, the infection is now at a fairly low level, but the virus has not gone away. With this in view, the implementation of a roadmap to realise the President’s decree is under a strict control of the Healthcare Ministry.

By now, a prototype of the Belarusian vaccine has been developed, and ‘its effectiveness has been proven in laboratory conditions – in terms of increasing both cellular and humoral immunity’. “The absence of toxic effects has also been proven," Ms. Krotkova said, adding scientists have also worked out a method of cultivating the Belarusian vaccine in a bioreactor.

As informed by Ms. Krotkova, a pilot production batch is expected in September-October, while further preclinical tests are being prepared. Moreover, the first stage of the construction of a vaccine manufacturing plant is close to completion, and technological equipment is being purchased.

“The Belarusian vaccine will join the market in late 2023 – as planned. It will be effective against all generations of coronavirus circulating in the country,” the Deputy Healthcare Minister stated.