Posted: 18.03.2022 11:49:00

Belarus confirms readiness to contribute to establishment of peace in Ukraine

A delegation of Belarus addressed the OSCE Permanent Council with a serious concern about an increasing number of reports on numerous civilian casualties in Ukraine on both sides of the hostilities – as informed by Foreign Ministry’s press service


On behalf of the people of Belarus and the country's leadership, the Belarusian delegation expressed deep condolences to the families and dear ones of those killed during the conflict, also wishing a speedy recovery to the wounded, including the victims of a rocket crash in Donetsk on March 14th as a result of which 20 people were killed and 29 injured.

"We urge both sides of the conflict to take all necessary measures to exclude as much as possible cases of intentional or unintentional use of civilians as human shields during hostilities. Unfortunately, Belarusian citizens, including drivers of heavy trucks who cannot leave the territory of Ukraine, also become hostages of the conflict," the Belarusian delegation addressed the OSCE.

Belarus also considers it necessary to fully ensure the implementation of the agreements on creation of humanitarian corridors and to exclude hostilities in the immediate vicinity of healthcare facilities, trade and other civilian points.

"Under the current conditions, we consider diplomatic methods a priority. It is important to make every effort to ensure the negotiation process is a success – to help the conflicting parties find common ground in their positions, stop the bloodshed and reach a sustainable and long-term solution to the conflict. As before, Belarus is ready to accept Ukrainian refugees, render them all possible support, and provide humanitarian corridors for the residents of Ukraine. We confirm Belarus’ interest and readiness to further contribute to speedy establishment of peace in Ukraine, including by providing a platform for meetings and negotiations at any level. A path of negotiations is the only right one in order to prevent further escalation and transformation of the conflict into the biggest catastrophe of our time," the Belarusian representatives stressed.