Posted: 13.01.2023 11:38:00

Belarus, China to build second electric substation in Great Stone Park

As a result of friendly consultations, the two countries reached an agreement on conducting a feasibility study on the Construction of the Second Electric Substation of the China-Belarus Industrial Park project. If the feasibility study is approved, the parties will sign a separate agreement for project approval – as stated in the agreement between the Belarusian and Chinese governments published on the National Legal Internet Portal.

China will send an expert group to Belarus to conduct research on the project. At the same time, the Belarusian side undertook to provide the necessary information and technical documentation for conducting research and preparing a feasibility study.

Instruments and equipment for research imported to the territory of Belarus by Chinese experts are exempt from import customs duties and other taxes and fees.

The total cost of the justification is 2,060,000 Chinese Yuans (over $300,000) and is financed from technical and economic assistance within the framework of the agreement between the governments of the two countries on technical and economic assistance dated September 18th, 2011. A one-time settlement will be made by the State Development Bank of China and Belarusbank Savings Bank JSC.