Posted: 01.06.2022 14:19:00

Belarus can be proud of its leader who saved the country in 2020, expert asserts

If the collective West had realised its plans for Belarus in 2020, the country would have been gradually turned into a springboard for an attack on the Russian Federation, and Belarus would have plunged into chaos – as noted by political expert Vadim Borovik in his talk with Alfa Radio while commenting on the President’s statement that a scenario, which has failed to be implemented in Belarus, in now developing in Ukraine

Turning to the events of August 2020, Mr. Borovik stressed that Belarus had been saved largely thanks to the President’s will.

“Some might not believe in the role of a personality in history, but I do. The fact that there was such a leader in Belarus at that difficult and turbulent moment – who did not get on a plane loaded with treasures, but who views the country as this treasure – became a very important aspect. The Head of State assumed responsibility, and we can be proud that we have such a leader whom the people have supported. The Western countries did not view Belarus as a subject of international law. They rather needed a puppet government: the so-called Belarusian balcony – as they pejoratively called us – which would have become a springboard for their movement to the East. They wanted to aggressively act against the Russian Federation through our territory. It would not have happened immediately, but nationalist rhetoric would have begun – including renaming of streets, discussion of the possibility of joining NATO, and demolishment of monuments. ‘Heroes’ – who once stood next to the swastika when Belarusian underground organisation members were hanged – would have appeared as well. There would not have been our beautiful cities in Belarus,” the expert explained.

Mr. Borovik stated that Belarus had survived and preserved its statehood during that critical period, but it should not rest on its laurels since new challenges are emerging.

"We have no time to enjoy any results, and we do not stop. We are constantly on the move to save our country. Now is a very serious situation – virtually, the zero hour. Accordingly, the position of Belarusians is of great importance. The authorities assume full responsibility: the operational and situational headquarters under the Government and the President Administration work to the greatest possible extent. There was a desire in greater local power, and the Constitution was even changed. So, please, take the initiative, help develop the economy, supervise unprofitable enterprises, offer investment projects, and so on. For the people, the main thing is not to panic, to be involved in production processes as much as possible and to treat some costs with understanding. Belarusians should understand that the country’s sovereignty, the opportunity to be called people – rather than to be under someone's whip – are at stake now. I am convinced if we show the same unity, calmness and do not succumb to provocations, we will get out of the situation with dignity. True, we will conquer new markets and develop import substitution. However, I believe that – if we stand ground now – we will return to the markets that we have left in just 3-4 years. Moreover, we will bring even more qualitative products there, which we will be able to sell at a higher price,” Mr. Borovik noted.