Posted: 13.04.2022 12:11:00

Belarus bans exports of some food

The Government has introduced restrictions on exports of certain food products – as informed by its press service

From now on, no more than one kilogram of bulk products – including buckwheat and wheat flour, some cereals (buckwheat, rice, semolina, oatmeal, oat flakes, millet), sugar and salt – and pasta can be taken outside the Eurasian Economic Union territory.

In addition, restrictions involve vegetable oil (up to one litre) and canned food. Meanwhile, there is a nuance. Canned meat, dairy and fish are subject to restrictions: up to three cans can be exported. In turn, canned baby food is an exception.

As informed, restrictions do not apply to products bought at duty-free shops located at the Belarusian state border checkpoints. Such goods could be taken out of the country without restrictions in cases determined by regional executive committees.

The ban to export certain food products aims to protect the domestic market due to an increased demand in the border areas for groceries that individuals purchase in commercial volumes for their further transportation outside Belarus.