Posted: 12.06.2024 16:31:00

Belarus’ Armed Forces units started second stage of non-strategic nuclear drills

In line with the agreements reached between the defence ministries, units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus have begun to carry out combat training tasks as part of the second stage of non-strategic nuclear forces exercises, reports with reference to the Belarusian Defence Ministry’s press service


“All organisational and technical aspects are being worked out in close co-operation with our Russian colleagues and together with them. The Iskander tactical complexes moved to the designated positioning areas, received special ammunition, installed them on combat units and took up starting positions, taking up combat duty at assigned targets. Our aviation performed a similar manoeuvre. The highlight of our exercise was that until the last moment, the commanders of the aviation units did not know who would get the right to work out combat training tasks and from which airfield the aircraft would operate. The signal came literally 30 minutes before the start of the tasks, and our aviators performed it properly. Of course, it’s too early to sum up, but as the General Staff Chief, I can say that they worked very well. These were professional actions,” noted Major General Pavel Muraveiko, the Chief of the General Staff – First Deputy Defence Minister.

He stated that all the control standards that had to be worked out were fulfilled ahead of schedule, clearly and without any fuss. Moreover, he added that such training and working out important issues on the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons are one of the ways to increase the readiness and potential of Belarus. The results will be announced later, but the Chief of the General Staff stressed that he was ready to declare that the units of Belarus’ Armed Forces are ready to use special nuclear weapons.