Posted: 01.11.2022 14:14:00

Belarus appealed to International Criminal Court with lawsuit against Poland

The Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus has sent an appeal to the International Criminal Court with a claim against Poland for preparing an act of aggression against Belarus – as informed by the party’s leader, a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, Oleg Gaidukevich

As noted by Mr. Gaidukevich, it took more than a month for a group of lawyers to prepare the package of documents. “In accordance with international documents, we are officially sending an appeal to the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands to bring to criminal responsibility the highest officials of the Republic of Poland – the President, the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister – for preparing an act of aggression against our country, which violates UN General Assembly Resolution No. 3314 as of December 14th, 1974,” he commented.

The Liberal Democratic Party Chairman informed that a number of Polish media, even official ones, actively publish materials about formation of armed groups on the territory of Poland, one of the goals of which is to establish control over the territory of Belarus. Moreover, the training of these groups has been organised. According to Mr. Gaidukevich, this in itself is a fact of preparing an act of aggression against Belarus, and this is stated in the package of documents submitted to the International Criminal Court.

“[We used] no emotions, but only legal language. We have clearly seen over the past months that a number of reputable, by their standards, mass media openly publish materials about these armed groups. A list of sources is also attached to the appeal,” he said, adding that publications on the establishment of control over the territory of Belarus and the change of the constitutional order through the use of armed force are confirmed by statements of the persons involved in this activity, as well as the planning of organisational and combat training of these armed forces.

Mr. Gaidukevich said that combat training centres of such groups are located in Poland, and the training itself is carried out by military instructors from Poland and the United States. At the same time, these groups in Poland receive military equipment and financial support.

“This cannot longer be viewed as a PR, the preparation of such groups is an act of aggression against our country. Lawyers have done a great job, and everything is proven. Actually, there is no need to prove anything, since no one in Poland suppresses conversations that there will be an invasion into the territory of Belarus and terrorist acts; on the contrary, they are encouraged. The activity of armed groups – and we have indicated this in our appeal – is impossible without a direct support of the Polish leadership. Otherwise, they would not be able to carry out their actions there, and this is obvious. That is why we are sending our appeal to save Europe from the conflict that Poles want to provoke on the territory of Belarus. It is clear that the special services will never allow this, but where is the law? Where is international law?” the MP stressed.

Mr. Gaidukevich reminded that Belarus has always faithfully observed international agreements. “If they [International Criminal Court] refuse or do not take any measures, then this will further untie the hands of our law enforcement agencies when making decisions to protect national security and peace in Belarus.

However, it is time to come to senses. Hear us. We do not need conflicts, and the purpose of this appeal is also to prevent possible negative scenarios that someone is preparing,” he emphasised.