Posted: 04.08.2022 11:29:00

Belarus’ agricultural exports to reach $7.8bn by late 2022

By the end of 2022, exports of Belarusian agricultural products are likely to make $7.8bn – as informed by the Agriculture and Food Minister, Igor Brylo

“The results of five months demonstrated quite good figures: the growth rate in value terms made 114 percent compared to the same period of 2021. We sold $2.8bn of our products to more than 100 countries, and the task is to reach the figure of $7.8bn by the end of the year – adding more than $1bn to the level of 2021,” Mr. Brylo said.

According to the Agriculture and Food Minister, a fairly good price situation in sales markets of Belarusian products is now observed. Russia remains the main market – accounting for about 70 percent. “We plan to increase this figure by the end of the year, since there is a fairly good price factor. In the CIS, Belarus accounts for about 10 percent of total exports,” he noted.

Mr. Brylo added that Belarus is significantly improving its export positions in the countries of the far arc: the growth rate there makes almost 167 percent.

“We have increased supplies to China and other countries in Asia and Oceania, Africa. Diversification of Belarusian exports is, definitely, a very important aspect in the economy of the agro-industrial complex. Our products are recognisable, competitive, and there is almost no warehouse stock,” he stated.